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Access Control & Intruder Alarm Systems

An access control system provides the means to replace traditional key and lock systems, which are easy to defeat because of the ease of copying of keys and used by unauthorized personnel. With electronic access control, the exact area the person is able to access as well as during what time is configurable through a central control system. In addition with the power of greater control, a historical record is maintained which is useful in the case of a system security breach or for other purposes including calculating work time and facility use costing.


For sensitive areas, management systems can be installed. Via an enclosed token (cards and specials keys), authorized personnel can have access to specified areas, whilst those who are unauthorized remain locked out.

From homes to factories and offices of any size, our intrusion systems meet the most rigorous international standards and include the most advanced security technology.

Typical products and systems include intrusion detectors/alarms, transmission equipment plus Local Security Network (LSN‐Bus) equipment.

Intruder detection previsions are also available to keep the premises secure. Fire detection systems can be fitted throughout the hotel for the protection of guests and staff.