Airports Division

O&m Of Airports Division

Ministry of Defence, General Authority of Civil Aviation awarded the Operation and Maintenance of Northern Region Airports (Arar, Al-Jouf, Al-Qurayat, Rafah and Turaif} to A. Rajab and A. Silsilah & Co. from 15.08.1996 (Contract No. 7) till now.
  • One of The Best

    Rajab and Silsilah has been considered as one of the best companies working with General Authority of Civil Aviation for best efforts exercised to improve the situation in the Airports. During the period of the last to contracts.

  • Supply & Equipments

    Rajab and Silsilah has replaced all vehicles, Equipment and Generators and also did the best to complete the Electrification of Al-Jouf Airport in coordination with the Saudi Electrical Company.

  • Manpower

    Over 700 Employees comprising of all categories of high tech, semi - tech to low staff which include over 200 Saudi nationals which exceeds the percentage required for Saudization.

  • Supervisors & Professional Engineers

    Rajab and Silsilah has extended services of their best professional engineers and supervisors to another airports contractor M/S Al-Zamil Company to help rectify/repair operational defects in sensitive Airport


Rajab & Silsilah O&M Of Airports Division Scope of Work

Our solutions expertise in this Division allows us to streamline a workflow, to increase Security and Safety in the airports of the Kingdom by providing all the needs to achieve efficiency, Safety and Security.


Maintenance of runways lighting and marking of runways


Construction of all new buildings inside the Airports


Supply of spare parts for all Airports requirements


Engineering & Maintenance for all Buildings and Runways


Security Equipment, CCTV systems, Flight display systems


Installation, Maintenance, operating of new generator sets


Maintenance of cars, trucks, firefighting trucks


Supervising General stores and market sections in Airports


Cleaning supply of cleaning materials and chemicals

Water Stations

Maintenance of water stations and filtration systems