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Head Office

Palastine Street, P.O. Box 203.
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Jamea Street, Malaz.
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P.O. Box 587.
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PCA Project

Ministry of Defense, Presidency of civil Aviation had awarded the operation and maintenance of Northern Region airports (area, al Jouf, al‐Qurayat, Rafha & Taif) to A. Rajab & A. Silsilah Co., from 15.8.1996 (Contract Nos. 7&8) until now.

Scope of work:
Engineering and maintenance work for all the buildings and Runways, General cleaning, maintenance of security equipment, general stores in airports, supply of all kinds of spare parts, cleaning materials / chemicals and all requirement of the airports cleaning and marking of runways, construction of all new buildings inside the airports and installation of new gensets, maintenance of all flight screens, CCTV nets, maintenance of all cars, trucks, fire fighting trucks, maintenance of water station in the airports and lighting of runways.

707 Employees comprising all categories, which include 179 Saudi Nationals, which exceeds the percentage required by the regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Contract Amount:
For Contract No. 7: SR. 116,000,000/‐
For Contract No. 8: SR. 108,000,000/‐


Present Situation:
R&S have been considered as one of the best Companies working with PCA for the best efforts exercised by them to improve the situation of these airports. During the period of these two contracts R&S have replaced all vehicles, equipment and generators.

Further, R&S did their best to complete the electrification of Al‐Jouf airport in coordination with Saudi Electricity Company (SEC). Further, R&S were cooperating with all other contractors operating in the same field for meeting any requirement by the client C for example, R&S have extended services of their best professional Engineers and Supervisors to M/s. Al – Zamil Company to help rectify / repair operational defects in a very sensitive airport.